- Contact Details

Contact Details

I am flattered that you want to contact me and looking forward to speaking with you. Here are the communication channels I use and some guidance on how I use them.

Email icon   Email:

Email is absolutely the best way to contact me for anything that requires context or more than a single sentence reply. I try to respond within two-three days, workload permitting.

Skype icon   Skype:     ken_odriscoll

A Skype message works well for really quick questions or to schedule a call. Skype is my preferred centralised messaging/calling platform because it's globally ubiquitous, platform independent, not tied to a mobile number, and it's not a roll of the dice to see if a Bluetooth headset will work today (Teams on Android, I'm looking at you).

Twitter icon   Twitter:     @ken_odriscoll

As of 2023, I am no longer really active on the bird site. My profile is still there for professional reasons but now locked because of the all of the bots etc. I'll approve follow requests from humans with proper profiles etc. I've moved my micro-blogging to where all of the cool kids hang out - on Mastodon.

Mastodon icon   Mastodon:

I use Mastodon to interact with a wide range of people. It's different from Twitter, but in a good way. Feel free to follow me (I'll follow you back) and reach out if you have any questions about how to navigate this strange new world.

Slack icon   Slack:     Email Geeks

I'm active on the Email Geeks slack, you'll find me hanging out on #deliverability with all of the other usual suspects.

LinkedIn icon   LinkedIn:

I use LinkedIn for professional purposes. I keep my profile up to date and occasionally comment on industry-related posts. I will only accept connections from people whom I personally know, have done business with or met in professional circles. Connection requests from strangers will be ignored. InMails are welcome but response time may be slow, depending on workload.

FYI, those nice contact icons are open source and courtesy of Remix Icon. Worth checking out.