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Email Deliverability Explained by Ken O'Driscoll (May 2017).

"Did you get my email?" The facts and fictions behind how spam filters work and how to reach the inbox every time. Email is a major marketing channel for many businesses, think about all of those special offers you receive from airlines and online stores. But fighting junk email is big business too, you either pay a company to keep your inbox free of spam and scams or a free mailbox provider does it for you so that you keep using their platform, since you're the product.

So, how do spam filters work and how do I make sure my legitimate emails reach their recipients? In this book I explain all of that and give you a solid grounding in the principals of email deliverability.

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Note: In the five years since this book has been published, not much has changed with the fundamentals it covers. A second edition is in-progress with expanded information on deliverability and updates to the suppliers mentioned - many of whom have undergone M&A since 2017. This edition will be taken off the market at least one month before the new edition is released.

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Untitled non-fiction book, due late 2023/early 2024.

January 2023: I'm currently in the planning stages for a new book which will focus on project managing a specific increasingly common but complex technical deliverable.

More to follow...